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Indoor Ag Conference

The indoor AG-con conference in Las Vegas gave us fresh new insight on stream lining operations at Laura Lee farms. Ronnie and I were particularly interested in purchasing new control equipment, growth medium and lighting as we complete our first 1 acre greenhouse at the White Arrow Ranch location in Idaho. That all was accomplished and much more!

We learned that we want to know much more about superior brand marketing as well as understanding our end consumer of the food products we bring to market. Supply chain was a key factor of how that comes together to get our consumers the best tasting and high quality produce from farm to table.

Of special interest was the topic of on-line food ordering from websites and players like overstock.com looking at an entry level into this multi billion dollar industry in its infancy stage. So many interesting new players were there at the conference to display and figure out how to best get fresh produce to the market quickly and competitively.

The creative ideas of how to innovate and speed up these supply chains in limited space in our larger cities were very fascinating. These guys retrofitting and developing affordable rooftop and abandoned buildings into growing facilities are on the cutting edge and taking huge risks to breakthrough the log jam of food chains coming from California in mass quantities. Indoor AG and greenhouse growing we learned are 2 different creatures but very related as both require controlled environment ideas, innovations and lighting equipment to make grow cycles fast and efficient.

This is only a fraction of the information we learned in this exciting new farming world we live in that faces many changes as we deplete water sources and continue to strip the land of nutrients needed for healthy sustainable food in the very near future.